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My (Un)Fair Share of Grief

I've experienced several losses in my life, and none made me feel more broken and shaken up than my father's passing and one particular miscarriage. Yet, I'm so grateful for the last year I shared with my father. We bonded so much that year. Then there was the second biggest loss for me. We were so close to having a healthy first trimester, but then there was no heartbeat. I felt so empty, but my unconditional love, joy, and excitement during the first trimester are irreplaceable and unforgettable. Despite my gratitude, my grief process was not linear. I felt the anger, the sadness, the relief, the guilt, and so much more.

I've been studying death & dying since my undergraduate years, and here I was, shocked to be bereaved. Yes, I said that! But I knew I had to tap into my emotions, not push my pain away. So I leaned into it and honored my dad and baby through the work I share with others.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Empowerment Coach, Certified Grief Educator, truth-teller, and bereaved who helps others navigate their unique journey to find purpose and spark joy in their life that honors their loss. I studied Elisabeth Kubler-Ross for several years. Elisabeth was a Swiss-American Psychiatrist and a pioneer in near-death studies. In addition, I learned about another world-leading expert on grief, David Kessler, as Elisabeth inspired his work. I am grateful to have trained with David and to become a Certified Grief Educator.

I am here if you are ready to navigate your grief journey, address old wounds, and find joy and purpose.



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