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Jessica Rios-Flores, LCSW. Empowerment Therapist, Author, Mentor, Certified Grief Educator, Certified Mindfulness Instructor

Grief Support Offerings

Grief humanizes us all!

Grief is a compelling and unique experience, one that people all over the world will experience in their lifetime. And yet, we live in a modern world that lacks the understanding and support necessary for navigating grief journeys. It may feel like a difficult and lonely time in your life to be in, but grief is a normal response to loss. 

Grief has no timeline. Whoever thought of the phrase, “It’ll get easier with time” meant well, but not for a griever like you, me and everyone else.

You don’t get over a loss. In fact, you learn how to live without and rediscover yourself. Grief is a process. It is a deep sorrow that happens after a loss. It is an incredibly personal experience that can be difficult to understand. Grief is a natural response to loss. It is a journey with many stops along the way, some positive and some may feel painful. But if you keep moving forward, know that you will be okay! 


You can find support to take a meaningful journey through grief by allowing yourself to be open, honest, and authentic. There is no right or wrong way to navigate grief. Grief is complex and looks different to each person. Trying to subscribe to traditional beliefs around grief and ignoring the feelings that arise can be detrimental to the healing process. 


It is essential to be gentle with yourself as you process all emotions that arise. There are no “wrong” or “good” feelings. They can be comfortable or uncomfortable. You may feel numb, stuck, relieved, angry, jealous, sad, etc. Grief is never linear. Don’t judge your emotions. Your feelings are valid, and you may learn that behind every emotion are fears and pains that we will work through during our sessions. 


Finding a support system is incredibly beneficial. Unfortunately, some people may not understand what you are going through because of their preconceived beliefs. I want to support you in finding purpose after your loss, learning ways to cope, and tapping into your innate strength to live a meaningful life.

Get the support you need and join me for the

Flow & Blossom Journey

The "Flow & Blossom Journey" is a six-month experience that includes biweekly sessions designed to empower you in navigating your grief journey. We will meet virtually via zoom. You will have the space to express and process your thoughts and emotions without judgment. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to do this work! Loss changes relationships around you. You'll learn how to cope with the shift in relationship dynamics. You'll nurture the relationship with yourself, your loss, and other meaningful relationships. I am committed to empowering you to find joy and purpose in life despite your loss. You'll be able to find your flow in life and blossom! 

This is for you if...

  • You feel isolated after the loss of a loved one, a traumatic event or loss of a relationship.

  • You want to gain more insight in your grief process, which isn’t linear

  • You want to learn coping skills you can implement on a daily basis

  • You want to live a fuller life.

  • You feel stuck

  • You’d like to explore grief in a holistic way 

  • You are tired of being misunderstood about your grief

  • You want someone rooting you on who is empathic, compassionate and non judgmental

  • You want to learn ways to honor the loss

What to expect...

  • You will have a safe and sacred place to share whatever you need to have heard. There is no judgment, and I am here to witness the impact of what you have or are going through. Your thoughts and emotions are valid! 

  • You will better understand your grief process while honoring your loss.

  • Guilt is a heavy torch to carry. It can burn us and affect our relationships with ourselves and others. I understand that guilt may feel easier to maintain than hopelessness. We will work through these emotions. 

  • Grief brings up old wounds, experiences, and unresolved trauma. Together and gently, we will work together to heal these wounds - helping you move forward with your life. You don't necessarily get over a loss but learn to find meaning and purpose in your life. 

  • You will find purpose in life and spark joy in your life that also honors your loss


“You don't have to experience grief, but you can only avoid it by avoiding love. Love and grief are inextricably intertwined.”

-David Kessler, Finding Meaning: The Sixth Stage of Grief

Program Details

  • One-on-One Grief Coaching 

  • Biweekly 60-minute virtual sessions

  • You’ll receive resources throughout our time together

  • Price for 6 months of support: $2,300

  • Price for 3 months of support: $1,150 

  • Monthly Installments available

I invite you on a journey towards processing your feelings, experience(s) and finding meaning. Schedule your free video consultation below.

Jessica Rios-Flores, LCSW. Empowerment Therapist, Author, Mentor, Certified Grief Educator, Certified Mindfulness Instructor

A little about my story...

I've experienced several losses in my life, and none made me feel more broken and shaken up than my father's passing and one particular miscarriage. Yet, I'm so grateful for the last year I shared with my father. We bonded so much that year. Then there was the second biggest loss for me. We were so close to having a healthy first trimester, but then there was no heartbeat. I felt so empty, but my unconditional love, joy, and excitement during the first trimester are irreplaceable and unforgettable. Despite my gratitude, my grief process was not linear. I felt the anger, the sadness, the relief, the guilt, and so much more.  READ MORE

“Jessica was the blessing I needed during one of the most difficult times of my life. Through working with her, I was able to grieve my mother and develop coping skills for when the grief is intense. Needless to say, I would highly recommend her.”


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are your services?
    I’m on a mission to empower individuals to lean into their truths, live a healthier and happier life, whether that's through overcoming personal wounds and grief or designing a business of your dreams. To learn more about my specific offerings please click here.
  • Do you accept health insurance?
    Yes, I do accept insurance for my therapy services. I am currently licensed to provide therapy in New York and Florida. I am in-network with UnitedHealthcare, Oxford Health Plans, Aetna and Oscar. To learn more about my therapy services please click here. Wellness Coaching on the other hand is not covered by your insurance, and it is not restricted or regulated. Wellness coaching takes on a holistic approach, which focuses on the whole person (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) and differs from therapy as it is not a treatment per se but rather a personal and goal driven program. Wellness coaching is available to anyone in any country. To learn more about the difference between coaching and therapy please click here.
  • Do you offer therapy for children, teens, families, couples?
    I only provide therapy to adults ages 18+. My specialty is working with women and the LGBTQ+ community, in the areas of grief, trauma, unresolved childhood issues, domestic violence, and stress/burnout. To learn more about my therapy services please visit WomenMix. If you’re looking for therapy outside of my specialty, here are a few recommendations for other providers that may be a better fit.
  • Can you help me open or further develop my private practice?
    Yes, I love mentoring other therapists! Click here to learn more about my one-on-one coaching.
  • Do you provide Clinical Supervision to Social Workers?
    I earned my Seminar in Field Instruction (SIFI) Certification from Fordham University. I am a LCSW-R and have provided clinical supervision to Social Workers in NY. At this time, I am not accepting her clinical supervisees.
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