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Jessica Rios-Flores, LCSW-R

Grief & Trauma-Informed Psychotherapist, Author, Mentor, and Certified Mindfulness Instructor

Jessica Rios-Flores, LCSW. Empowerment Therapist, Author, Mentor, Certified Grief Educator, Certified Mindfulness Instructor

About My Work

In order to live the life they’ve always dreamed of, I help my clients heal from trauma and grief.  I have dedicated my career in social work to make a difference on a micro, mezzo and macro level.

I believe that your full potential is already present. I support you in uncovering and understanding it more deeply. Together we’ll develop the healing tools to support your emotional and professional growth.

In 2014, I opened up my part time private practice, while still working full time with other organizations. In 2020, I took a leap of faith and launched my private practice full time in honor of my true calling.  I was tired of feeling restricted to regulations implemented onto psychotherapists that affect the quality of work provided to clients. I designed my practice to align with my values to ensure my clients are receiving the services they deserve and the care that they need in order to heal and thrive. 


The power of community is the foundation of everything I do. Together we can learn, support, grow and flourish. I’m on a mission to empower women and the LGBTQIA+ community to lean into their truths, live a healthier and happier life, whether that's through overcoming personal wounds or designing a business of your dreams.  I believe in embracing your journey, trusting yourself and going with the flow. You’ll get to your destination, as long as you stay on track with the process and put in the work.  

We are all like sunflowers - stand tall and face the sun, despite any adversities along the way.

My Story

Jessica Rios-Flores, LCSW. Empowerment Therapist, Author, Mentor, Certified Grief Educator, Certified Mindfulness Instructor

I remember being in a clinic with my mother and my sisters. At such a tender age, I understood we were in this clinic because we needed help. My mother was in such a vulnerable place, and yet, I saw her guard come down when a lady came to talk to us.  


She asked a lot of questions in a soft and calming voice. I didn’t realize then that she was conducting an assessment.  She used a confident and strong tone when requesting services for us. I didn’t realize then that she was being assertive in advocating for my mother, myself and my sisters. I recall her sitting down with me to color, listening to my replies to her questions and making me feel seen. I didn’t realize then that she was building a healthy rapport with me and starting the healing process.  

I was nine years old when I realized my life’s purpose.

I wanted to be this lady. I wanted to play that role in someone else's life, which looking back, now I can see that’s how I became the family helper. I wanted to be like the lady that helped my mother build resilience and live a healthier life. I wanted to be the lady that provided my younger self with a sense of safety and hope. I wanted to become a Social Worker.


Fast forward to 15 years later, stacks of documents, and a pain in the ass auditor at a domestic violence shelter. I remember the fear of being fined and how that would impact the residents which is the last thing we wanted, and yet, the calm and confidence of knowing that everything would be fine because it had to be. Failing our residents was not an option for me, so I turned on my music, alphabetized the stacks and persevered. 


As I was reviewing my charts, it brought tears to my eyes reflecting on the hurdles these families experienced, but what stood out the most was the strength they had to seek refuge; to seek safety. Once we finished, I remember dancing to Romeo Santos (bachata - look it up) on an office desk with my coworker. Maybe we were delirious at that point. We were laughing and singing and feeling extremely grateful for the work that we do for others. This experience activated a new level or awareness within me. It became clear beyond measure that this was my life’s purpose, much like the nine year old version predicted. 

Jessica Rios-Flores Meditation.jpg

Education & Certifications

  • Bachelor of Arts in Social Work from Lehman College

  • Masters in Social Work from Fordham University

  • Registered Licensed Clinical Social Worker

  • Seminar In Field Instruction Instructor (SIFI Instructor)

  • Certified Mindfulness Instructor 

  • Certified Grief Educator

Fun Facts

  • I ran the NYC Marathon in 2017 and I finished my second NYC Marathon in 2022. I love running!

  • I’ve traveled as far as London to watch the Yankees play.  

  • Want to keep my belly happy - lets go out for wings and tacos, yes at the same time. Not wings OR tacos, wings AND tacos.

  • I love dancing, but have no rhythm. So much for Latino stereo-types!

  • I self-published a journal I’m really passionate about. The proceeds go to Freedom House - a domestic violence shelter that is dear to my heart, as they provide safety and resources to families and singles.

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