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Flowing Hearts Circle Membership

A community crafted to support you through your unique grief experience. At Flowing Hearts Circle, we understand that healing is a personal journey, and we here to guide you through it.

Jessica Rios-Flores, LCSW. Empowerment Therapist, Author, Mentor, Certified Grief Educator, Certified Mindfulness Instructor

Grief Support during the Holidays

Join me, Jessica Rios-Flores, for a 7-week series focused on Grief, Hope, and the Holidays.

Starting Wednesday, November 22, 2023

# of participants maxed out

Grief is complex and becomes even more challenging during the holiday season. Maybe your patterns, or traditions have changed and now you’re also grieving that feeling of emptiness. This series has been carefully designed to provide support during a difficult time, and each gathering will provide a safe and nurturing space to help you find support and hope. 


Integrating hope in your grief journey, especially during the holidays does not mean it will fill the void of who passed away, went away or what has led to your life transition. Instead, we bring them forward with us into the present and future. 


When we experience grief you may feel broken, but I see a whole person! Don’t think I’m sharing toxic positivity. Your grief will be witnessed, as you set intentions for yourself. Your memories will be honored as you find meaning. You will learn how to have self compassion and self care. You will navigate difficult emotions. You will be supported. You will build resilience and hope. You will reflect, integrate what you’ve learned and experienced as you move through the holiday season and enter a new year.

Let's navigate holiday challenges while embracing a sense of hope. 

# of participants maxed out

As a grief and trauma-informed psychotherapist, I understand the importance of building trust. This series will be a small group to create a personalized and nurturing experience for you. We will engage in interactive sessions, ensuring that nothing is recorded to prioritize your comfort and protect the confidentiality of shared information.


Once our group series concludes on December 27th, we will schedule an individual appointment in January. Together, we can work towards setting your intentions for the new year and assuring you have the support you need.

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Get the support you need. 

Our gathering dates on Wednesdays: 

November 22nd

November 29th

December 6th

December 13th 

December 20th

December 27th 


Time: 6:30 - 7:30 PM EST

# of participants maxed out
Jessica Rios-Flores, LCSW. Empowerment Therapist, Author, Mentor, Certified Grief Educator, Certified Mindfulness Instructor
Jessica Rios-Flores, LCSW. Empowerment Therapist, Author, Mentor, Certified Grief Educator, Certified Mindfulness Instructor

A little about my story...

I've experienced several losses in my life, and none made me feel more broken and shaken up than my father's passing and one particular miscarriage. Yet, I'm so grateful for the last year I shared with my father. We bonded so much that year. Then there was the second biggest loss for me. We were so close to having a healthy first trimester, but then there was no heartbeat. I felt so empty, but my unconditional love, joy, and excitement during the first trimester are irreplaceable and unforgettable. Despite my gratitude, my grief process was not linear. I felt the anger, the sadness, the relief, the guilt, and so much more.  READ MORE

“Jessica was the blessing I needed during one of the most difficult times of my life. Through working with her, I was able to grieve my mother and develop coping skills for when the grief is intense. Needless to say, I would highly recommend her.”
- Thanaa
“I started coaching because of grief and depression. The sessions made me feel safe and as a result gave me the space to let go of years worth of repressed emotions. They were hardened ice throughout my body and Jessica provided the sun for them to melt away and dissipate. Jessica is the most amazing human doing so many beautiful things for humanity.”
- Lia
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