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Healing Your Inner Child

Over this past weekend, I had the privilege and honor of celebrating my niece's eight years of life. My niece, nephew and my sister traveled from the Bronx.

We sang, we danced, we laughed, we cried, we shared stories, celebrated facing some fears, and so much more. For those who don't know, I have five sisters, one brother, and 22 nieces and nephews. *Side note - Christmas and birthdays throughout the year get expensive for this titi (auntie).

I wouldn't have it any other way!

Being around the kiddos reminded me of the importance of healing your inner child. In my work in elevating women, I've noticed many who share a common theme of shame due to childhood trauma or not having their emotional needs met as children. As adults, we may be plagued by feelings of failure and doubt. Sometimes this is because we have been wounded by life experiences or relationships that left us feeling inadequate or unworthy. But often, it's because our subconscious minds are programmed to feel insecure and fearful of rejection due to our early experiences.

Imagine being a child met with love, compassion, attention, validation, and respect. Maybe then you could be kind to yourself and love yourself. Your wounded child is always within you and needs YOUR attention. It is much easier to walk away, but addressing this wound will help you to develop the kind of self-love that will lead to an overflow of joy and abundance.


To heal your inner child, you need to show yourself the love and attention they missed out on in the past. You do this by being kind, patient, and gentle with yourself. Implementing self-love can sometimes be challenging. However, if you want your inner child to feel loved, you must show yourself these things as often as possible, and you will begin to realize how radiant you are!

Begin by tapping into your inner child's feelings. Recognize what you need. Have compassion for yourself, as well as your parents. If you're reading this, you want to gain insight and awareness. Maybe your parents didn't have that opportunity. Having compassion for self and others leads to forgiveness and putting an end to generational trauma.

Exercise: Write a letter to your inner child, giving her the support, encouragement, and love you once needed. Speak to your inner child using words that make you feel safe, loved, respected, and seen.

It would help if you had a deep understanding of what your inner child needs from you to heal your inner child. Showing your inner child the love and attention you missed in the past is essential. Also, this can be done by talking about your feelings openly and expressing gratitude.

To begin healing your inner child or inquire about offerings, click here. Leave a comment below and follow my Instagram account.

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