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Wellness Coaching

This is a safe and sacred, deeply personal one-on-one coaching designed to help you heal, find  your worth and cultivate the love and life that you were meant to have. 

Your journey with wellness coaching will help you to dive into your old or new wounds that may be blocking your ability to be the best version of yourself! We work through unresolved trauma to dismantle any limited beliefs that were ingrained in you. I will support you in bringing clarity to the surface to find joy. I am here to guide you in nurturing your inner child and your current amazing self!

 This is for you if….

  • You are committed to healing your Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit

  • You want to love yourself and cultivate the life you deserve and possibly never thought you could have

  • You feel stuck and want change

  • You want to feel whole hearted

  • You appreciate a Holistic Approach to healing

  • You want to cultivate self-love from the inside out


  • This is a 6-month program

  • Sessions held bi-weekly

  • Sessions are 55 minutes

  • Text/Email support is available in between sessions

Embrace your highest self!

Image by Eugene Chystiakov
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