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Tips for Productivity

I’m often asked, “how do you not burn out?”. Well, I’ve felt burnout before. Quite a few times during my career. It took me years in the workforce to learn how to remain productive while not burning myself out.

I am sharing some tips that have helped me to pursue my passions without experiencing burnout. Also, I want you to know that what works for me may not necessarily work for you!

Find Your Passion!

Do what you love! When you’re passionate about your career it doesn’t feel like work. It feels like play. I’m fortunate to love what I do! Helping others has always been my soul’s calling. This doesn’t mean that I love everything about being an entrepreneur. Those tasks that I don’t love, but have to do, gets done. I don’t procrastinate. I just want to get it off my plate. Then I go back to my purpose. Your motivation is fickle, but not your WHY!

Be Intentional

Start your day by being intentional with what nourishes you. My joy is sparked when my morning is filled with meditation, writing, reading and exercising. No specific order, because we live in a modern world and things come up. Movement heals and there is no wellness without it. Explore what sparks your joy in the morning.


Write down your tasks/goals for the day, week or month. I like to write down my daily tasks and then I put them in my calendar. This way, I get alerts on my phone/computer. A little secret - I also have a paper checklist. I really love writing and checking things off!


Create a schedule that works best for you! We all have different lives. I’m currently raising the cutest French bulldog puppy, training for a marathon and running two businesses. Maybe you’re a caregiver and work nights. When creating a schedule make sure that it works for you! Not for me! For you!

Grace and Fun!

Give yourself grace! There are some mornings where I can’t get movement or meditation in. You have to pivot. Make changes to your schedule and give yourself grace! If I can’t do it in the morning, perhaps I can do it in the afternoon or tomorrow morning. Remember, you may be running a business you're passionate about or in the position of your dreams, but you also need to make time for play! I have a four week schedule because I love spending time with friends and family. Also, I love to rest! Give yourself grace because you are trying your best! Have fun in all you do!

Always implement productivity hacks that align with your values. You got this!

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